Manufacturing, replacement, modification or repair of static equipment, at MCL Apparatenbouw we
take care!
MCL Apparatenbouw provides an all-round equipment service for the (petro-)chemical industry, the
pharmaceutical industry and the energy sector. From design, manufacturing and assembly to
disassembly, replacement, modification, repair and maintenance: MCL Apparatenbouw has the right
knowledge, extensive experience and a perfect production location.

Applications Customers What we can

The Lamont vessel we have been making recently and assembled on site during a Turn Around in
2018 is a master piece of MCL Apparatenbouw and shows our capabilities!

Our customers are very satisfied about the performance of MCL Apparatenbouw. They love are
quality, engagement and especially our speed and flexibility.


MCL Apparatenbouw is well known by the manufacturing and repair of heat exchangers and by
having a wide range of welding specialties. View our range of other static equipment.