MCL, The process plant specialist

Who we are

MCL Apparatenbouw provides an all-round equipment service for the (petro-)chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the energy sector. From design, manufacturing and assembly to disassembly, replacement, modification, repair and maintenance: MCL Apparatenbouw has the right knowledge, extensive experience and a perfect production location. Our mission is to optimize the technical availability of the assets of our clients and herewith maximize their production. Our clients are industrial (production)companies, contractors and engineering agencies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. MCL Apparatenbouw is the right partner to optimize the technical availability of the assets producing static equipment during maintenance projects, Turn Arounds and Shutdowns. If that is not enough reason we are also the best partner for quick replacements and repair during breakdowns thanks to our hands on culture and can do mentality. Due to our versatility and over 40 years of experience, our craftsmanship and current professional knowledge we thrive to find the best suitable answer to your questions or problems you are facing. The equipment we produce are heat exchangers, vessels, columns, reactors, tanks, Lamont vessels and complex piping. We take care of the entire process, from engineering to the production of the equipment as well as onsite installation and maintenance. At MCL Apparatenbouw we stand for safety, high quality and excellent delivery times due to our experience, knowledge and various exotic welding techniques. With MCL Apparatenbouw you choose a specialist who knows what craftsmanship, flexibility and speed means for you. You can count on us and if necessary, even 24 hours a day!